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If you experience stress and anxiety on a regular basis and want to


> add more peace and calm into your life

> build confidence

> gain mental clarity


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Hi,this is me Aurélie,

I'm very happy to see you here

Something tells me that if you are here today is because

you want to add some more peace and calm into your life.

I have good news for you, I believe I can help you with that :)

I know a thing or two about feeling stressed, overwhelm and anxious

and that I have learnt the hard way what happens when we  don't take care of it.

. a ride I wish on nobody .

It has been a journey from daily panic attacks to waking up anxiety free.

It will be a lie to say I live completely free from anxiety because it is not something that disappear with a single magic pill - but rather requires daily love and attention -

However, It no longer has power over me and that changes everything.


I learnt to Tame it, the gentle and compassionate way,

slowly to take back the control of my life

and today I can confidently say that I'm no longer afraid of it.​

I harvested tools along the way and  today I make it my mission

to show you the way to a the peaceful and joyful life you deserve


xx Aurélie

  • I feel stressed, overwhelmed and/or anxious

  • I am done letting anxiety, stress and overwhelm rule my life

  • I am ready to take the control of my life

  • I want to live lightly 

  • I want efficient tools and practices to implement in my life

  • I want a change and I am ready to make a change

  • I want to add calm and peace into my life

  • to learn concrete and efficient tools to tame your anxiety, stress and overwhelm

  • to acquire techniques to find instant relief

  • to elevate your life and your wellbeing

  • to build confidence 

  • to gain mental clarity

  • to take the control of your life

  • to navigate life with ease

  • to (re)gain trust in your abilities

  • to improve the quality of your sleep

  • to handle stressful situation more calmly

  • to find your way back to inner peace

  • to live the life you deserve

  • I am looking for a therapist 

  • I am not (yet) ready for a change 

  • I don’t believe my life can improve 

  • I want the magic pill​

 an online library  that gives you:

  • pre-recorded classes ranking from 5 to 55 min

  • audio meditation that you can download directly to your device

  • classes designed to reset your nervous system

  • together we meditate, breathe, move and soften

  • a bonus suggestion guidebook

  • all levels are welcome

Full price  


Special Launch OFFER

 (available until the 07/06/24)

87€  →   50€     = 37€ discount

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